Mickey Minnie Mouse Party for Lily Maryam & Suri

Hi mummies and daddies,

An evening of birthday story that connected us back as life long friends. Dr Dina is a friend of mine. An ENT specialist at HUKM now, we went to the same Primary School while we were growing up in Kota Bharu before we took our different paths as she went to MRSM Taiping and I went to MRSM Kuantan after having our straight As for PMR in 1996. Used to be classmates for a years, played hockey together to represent Kota Bharu district, ate and learnt under one roof but we lost contact until Facebook emerged.

Her bubbly Lily Maryam, was celebrating her 3rd birthday, along with Suri too, the pretty second daughter. These party pictures are not new. As you all knew, I lost quite a number of pages from my blogpage due to a circumstance.

Lets enjoy the show!

Happy Mickey Minnie Birthday
Lily & Suri's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party
Cake cutting backdrop and candy buffet set up

Cake cutting session

Maickey Minnie candy buffet decoration

Mummy wrap party games conducted by our entertainer

Our professional entertainer Maui
Candy buffet

Mummy chose pink color
Lily Maryam

Pastel pink for these two sweet little girls

My son Danial


Minnie & Mickey Mouse Party

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