Dear all readers,

Kindly note that FABULOUS PARTY PLANNER (002081333-D) started its business operation since 2010 after the founder, Hafissa Kamaruddin decided to be a work-at-home-mom after seven years of experiences and engagement with a boutique design house and branding consultancy led by a Yale graduated local designer, Kamil Yunus.

Ever since, FABULOUS PARTY PLANNER (002081333-D) had flourished and expanded its services to other segments of events outside the scopes of kids birthday party decoration merely. Being a small yet professional, we were invited to partake on several pitch works from family days to Annual Corporate Dinners to Product Launch from local and multinational companies - They were single handedly managed with the help of associate suppliers and partners of the industry.

Equipped with basic design skills and born with natural talents in fine art and handworks, the founder strove hard as a single-man-show for a few years until the demands hiked up, so she let her ex-husband, an economist by training to help her with the business operation.

In 2017, appeared another company called TOP PARTY PLANNER in the local event industry, claiming to do countless events and parties for the industries, which was originally awarded to and delivered by FABULOUS PARTY PLANNER (002081333-D).

FABULOUS PARTY PLANNER (002081333-D) is in the midst of taking legal and civil action against TOP PARTY PLANNER for Intellectual Property stealing, including the track records and pictures used in their website which belongs to FABULOUS PARTY PLANNER, and not excluding the damage caused by the act of STEALING and HACKING our contents, images and datas from our track records saved in the blogger database.

Kindly note that 95% of images and contents used and promoted in TOP PARTY PLANNER website was generated and produced by FABULOUS PARTY PLANNER. For time being, we are working hard to recover our contents and images in our blogsite which was developed and uploaded from time to time for the past 8 years, until it was hacked and used by our competitor, TOP PARTY PLANNER.



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