Open Day & Carnival for EPSOM International College in Malaysia

Last October, we had the honour to work with one of the most prestigious boarding school in the world, the EPSOM College which was originated from UK. Being the first International Boarding School in Malaysia, for the first time, EPSOM opens its door for the public to see and finds out what they really have to offer.

Date: 22 October 2017
Venue: EPSOM International College, Bandar Enstek
Deliverables: Decoration, Buntings, Battery Operated Boat & Giant Pool, Bungee Run, Dunking Machine, Inflatables & Games Stalls, Horse Riding, Cotton Candy Cart

Venue Reccee

EPSOM college carnival

During the set up day

Supervising installation work

Decoration set up

Balloon arches 

Set up day

Penalty kick Game STall

Event bunting

On the night before event

Bunting set up

Decoration & Bunting Installation

Set up day

Set up day 

Bunting signage

Sleepless night

Our little helper

Horse and pony riding station

Dunking machine


Bumper boat & giant pool

Summer carnival

Pony ride

Horse riding basic lesson

Bungee run Challenge (inflatable)

Pony ride

Bungee run for kids

Bungee run

Who is faster




Food truck


Entrance Inflatable Arch


Carnival games

Free rides at large

Game stalls

Game stall 2

Candy floss cart

Cotton candy cart

"Two coupons"

Wrapped up

Till we meet again

Bumper boat and pool

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Dare to join this adrenaline rush?

For further clarifications about organising a family fun carnival, do not hesitate to WhatsApp us your name, details of your events like date, time, venue location and approx no of pax to our friendly personnels

Hafissa 019-35214833 | 016-9507910
Sharina 012-490 2977

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