Monday, May 23, 2011

Kids Birthday Party Organiser Malaysia / Charity Event for Special Kids

Hi Mummy Fissans,

We are organising a birthday party for a one year girl, Hilarynn Soh, for the lovely couple Emily and Han on 29th May 2011at Astaana Gemilang, Pinggiran Batu Caves. The theme is Princess and we are organising the clowns, decos, pool ball pit and rides. On 4th June, 2011, we will organise another party in Jumpa D Ramoe for a 3 year old girl with a Mickey Mouse theme. Yesterday, we did our shopping for Hillaryn's birthday where we look for the party packs with Princess themes. Next, we need to look for the Mickey Mouse themed deco and party packs. Mummy Fissa will be very busy this coming week organising kids birthday parties these next few days. There is also a charity event for special kids with autisme, down syndrome, etc at Selayang Jaya primary school which Mummy Fissa will sponsor for the party packs. Kids Birthday Party Organising can be a fulfilling job especially done for charity and special kids. If any of you Mummy Fissans want to donate anything for the special kids, please feel free to contact Mummy Fisa at 0199067716 or Take care Mummy Fissans and have a nice work week. We will upload pictures from the charity event next week. XOX Mummy Fisa.

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