Saturday, October 29, 2016

Balloon deco services supply Malaysia

Kids Birthday Party Planner Malaysia. Annual dinner organiser Malaysia. Family day organiser Malaysia. 

Normal balloons 
Balloon Deco Services Malaysia KLfor Birthday Party Launching Annual Dinner Family Day Carnival Corporate events

Can discount to RM350 if you took other items as well

Balloon arch RM450

Balloon helium RM4.50 each. Can discount to RM3.50 each if you take other items as well

Balloon Alphabet: Big RM55 Small RM20 Medium RM40

Balloon pillar RM100 each

Balloon arch RM480 each

Balloon arch Mickey RM750

Balloon foil character: Small RM45 Big RM200 Tree RM500

We also do highly specialised exclusive balloon decorations for birthday parties, launchings, annual dinners and showrooms in Malaysia, KL & Selangor.,

Minion balloon deco RM3200

Spongebob Underwater World Balloon deco RM5,000

Jungle animals safari RM4,500

Showroom / Launching Balloons RM3,500

Madagascar balloon deco RM4,200

Jungle safari balloon deco RM4,200

Twenty One year old balloon deco RM3,000

Hawaiaan Tree Balloon Deco RM1,000

Animal figures balloon deco RM1,000

Frozen tree balloon deco RM1,500

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