Saturday, August 27, 2016

Maktab Tentera Annual Dinner

We organised a dinner party at MINDEF last weekend, Arabian Night for one of the division.

Other than Arabian themed decoration, we also organised the flow of their event from the entrance gimmick with crystal ball and smoke machine to unwind the entrance curtain, then they were greeted by a harem girl aka belly dancer. Food were served on trays and everybody had their Middle Eastern dish by sitting on the floor, exactly like the traditional Arabian eating style. A 5-pc band with red tarbushs to entertain them with Arabian music and songs during the dinner. Other than belly dancer, we had a midget Bedouin fire eater performing his pyro-art skills and an Arabian wizard to put them in awe with his semi-grand illusion performance. The night ended with karaoke session. Annual dinner organiser malaysia.

entrance arch decor

doorway decor

entrance to doorway 1
peeking from 1st doorway to 2nd doorway

entrance to the Arabian dungeon

Arabian dungeon with dancefloor 

me sempat selfie

set up on the day earlier

wrap up for 1st day set up

Arabian styled ceiling swag & tent

my son tengah bertapa

the colonel general

dance time!


mak Arab aka mejar Wan Nafisah the chairman of committee

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