Monday, July 4, 2016

Petting zoo services Provider in Malaysia

We provide petting zoo services & activities for birthday parties, family days, corporate events etc in Malaysia KL Selangor. We have a promotion for petting zoo currently. There are very few petting zoo providers and we are one of the few petting zoo providers in Malaysia KL Selangor. We also have rabbit park for birthday parties in Malaysia KL Selangor., Transport will be charged for outside KL. Our petting zoo services in Malaysia comprises of rabbit parks, hamster, sugar glider, hedgehogs, ducks, chicks, snakes, iguanas, brazilian parrots or burung kakak tua, goats, wild cats and ponies.

Petting Zoo Package A: RM1200 (2-3hr)

Baby Chicks or sugar glider or hedgehogs depending on availability
Baby ducks or sugar glider or hedgehogs depending on availability

 Baby chicks
 Baby ducks

Petting Zoo Package B: RM1800 (3-4 hr)

A (one)  Horse or Pony

Pony rides  rides. Pony rides in Malaysia can be both for kids and adults.

Petting Zoo Package C: Package Sun Corneo / Indian Parrot : RM2,300

Bird sun corneo & merbuk (spesis Indian parrot tapi kecil bkn kakak tua yg besar, yg India guna untuk fortune teller)
Ular / Snake
Arnab / Rabbit


Package D Brazilian Parrots / Kakak Tua : RM3800

Kakak Tua / Brazilian Parrots
Ayam Katik
Itik Peking
Kucing Hutan

Petting Zoo Package E - Photo Opportunity (RM2000)


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