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Emcee / MC / Compere / Announcer / Pengacara Majlis for Hire For Majlis Perkahwinan, Wedding, Dinner, Family Day, Launching, Majlis Pelancaran

Corporate Event Manager / Event Planner : Master of Ceremony, Presenter, MC, Pengacara Majlis in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

We are a corporate event planner and event manager. We organise annual dinners, family days, team buildings, company outings, company holidays, corporate launches, etc. We also cater for private birthday parties for kids and adults. Fabulous Party Planner also provides performers such as musical bands, solo violinists, belly dancers, other dancers, magicians, clowns, fire eaters, game masters, etc.  We also provide Emcee, Master of Ceremony, Presenter, MC and Pengacara Majlis services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Kindly call Saifuddin 0173438137 or email
Emcee / Pengacara majlis untuk dinner, family day, launching, majlis perkahwinan, hari keluarga, majlis pelancaran, majlis pembukaan, wedding emcee, etc. Emcee for Hire in Malaysia KL Selangor. Pengacara Majlis yang dicari.

Me (Din Morat) emceeing at a Hollywood Themed Event at Mandarin Oriental KL, Casbah

Me (Din Morat) holding the mike as emcee at Prolandscape's Glamorous Masquerade Nite 5 Oct 2013 at Pullman Putrajaya

Me (Din Morat) the emcee at Geohan Annual Dinner 14 Jan 2014, PJ Hilton

Me (Din Morat) the Emcee and Stand Up Comedian at Shell Wells Family High Tea / Day 14 Dec 2014, Sheraton Imperial KL

Belly dancing game

Head Banging game

Chinese speaking female emcee

Chinese speaking l emcee

Me (Din Morat) in blazer as the Emcee - Hospital Selayang Annual Dinner at Perangsang Golf Club, Templer

I have done Emcee and Games Master Jobs a group of lawyers at a party hosted by Vinod at Casbah Bar, Mandarin Oriental. I have a VCD of the event but only one copy. The event is Oscar / Hollywood themed and I did a Murder Mystery Game. The other parties I did are Family Days and Annual Dinners as per portfolio in my blog. Normally, the games I do at these parties are as follows: 

a. Belly Dancing Game

b. Head Banging Game

c. Minute to Win It

i.   Longest line
ii.  Tallest tower

d. Best dressed

e. Hindi dance

f. Musical Chair

g. Karaoke.

h. Mummy wrapping

i. Other Family Day games

Me (Din Morat) as the emcee for BB Park Oktoberfest 16-17 Oct 2013, BB Park Plaza Low Yatt

Me (Din Morat) as the Emcee and doing stand up comedy with Leffany and Awang for the SHELL Wells Annual High Tea / Family Day 14 Dec 2013

Me (Din Morat) as the emcee at Oktoberfest, BB Park 16-17 Oct 2013

Me (Din Morat) holding the mike as the Emcee at Hospital Selayang Annual Dinner

HotFM radio deejay

Chinese speaking female emcee Sherlyn

Chinese speaking male emcee Anthony

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