Thursday, March 2, 2017

Toy Story meets Disney Princesses Birthday Party for a Pair of Twins

Time: 10.30am-1.30pm
Venue: Alam Damai, Cheras

The host of the party, Dr Maz was a very nice and pleasant lady. Dealing with her was not difficult and she requested to for a combination of Toy Story and Disney Princesses theme for her twins (Afif & Muna Ayesha) turning 3 this year...

The party was held in the morning... Argghh, so much i hate morning parties and that i still had to make it happen. Very limited time for us to do the balloon arch, especially on the logistic of sending and putting up all props and servingwares to the party venue. Had to ask my 2 girls to start transporting all the bulky items on the earlier day. Reached there in the evening and I only finished with the ambiance decor at 4 in the morning.

Had difficulty to arrange for the 3rd parties too. The 3D fondant cake i had to do myself as there were no bakers available to do this combined theme within the quoted budget. Thank God I had an extra hand to help out with the cake and cuppies, Ira was there burning midnight oil to finish up the cake and cuppies. Challenges of getting the right dough for fondant rolling, to get the colour right... Such as pain in the a**! I usually use Bakels Pettinice but for this cake I bought MAC's Snow Ice, which even cost slightly more expensive than the usual one but it did not work out well during kneading and colouring. We had to add melted marshmallow from time to time to get to the right elasticity, and the absorption of the colour was quite poor too. Very time consuming! After we finished the topping layer, for the detailing I had no choice but to ask our Ira to go to the bakery and find the Bakels in the end. Finally, it was easy to control. But I really enjoy doing it. Very therapeutic indeed... Despite of the troublesome MAC Snow Ice!

Luck was not on my side as my Canon battery couldn't be found on that day. It must have been hid or moved somewhere by my little Danial. Asked a staff to bring along her spare digital camera, but she forgot about it too. The photographer did not turn up. Thank God was not booked through me but directly by the host. Otherwise, I would have fainted there... Nasib baik ada my low-quality bb cam that i can use as last resort to snap some decor elements that we did.

I had 2 helpers, Farhina and Lyn who did a tremendous job with candy buffet setting and the balloon arch (though they had to take 2 times longer than usual to finish up the arch, it still was a good job) Thank you Girls!

For Afif and Ayesha's 3rd birthday party, i prepared cowboy hats for all boys and royal crowns for the girls to substitute the usual party hat. It was a thank you note from me to the host of the party, though they costs more than what I have quoted for (generic party cone hat). They all liked it so much.

Face painting was the opening of the party. All kids get their turn to have their faces painted by our artist, Ms Ira right after the registration counter was opened. Clown was there for only 2 hours and had no chance to assist in the game conduct and activities, except for the balloon sculpting. The games were conducted by me, so I had no chance to take picture of activities/games while conducting them.

After everybody had their meal and cake cutting session - we started off the game session with Colouring competition. The boys got to colour Woody of Toy Story and the girls had to give life to colourless Princess Ariel of The Little Mermaid. Three winners were picked by us, no bias. The musical chair comes 2nd of the program, after experiencing and watching numerous running tears out of frustration and dissapointments for getting off the game, I decided to prepare small gifts for all kids when they had to say good bye to the game. Kids.... The finale was the pinata game. We had a cowboy boot pinata to suit the theme...

No pictures were taken by our side during the game conduct, I guess everybody was busy with their tasks but knowing that there were guests who brought over their own cameras, I thought Dr Maz must have asked them to share with her the pictures too later since there were no professional photographer to capture all the scenes. Spoken to Dr Maz if she can share pictures with me when she got it later, insyaallah once she sent it to me, i can publish more for rememberance... So sayang, the party went well, the host was happy and what's the most important is all the kids had a very good time. I brought home my widest smile, knowing that the client was satisfied and happy with our work.

we are one of the best and top kids' birthday party planner organiser in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.


emblem that was used for the badges, candy wrapper,
cupcake toppers, labels and TQ tag

birthday banner

The cake - Woody & Snow White

Birthday cake table area

Centerstage area

big helium bouquet as main centerpiece, also acts as party favors

setting up for musical chair

Face painting session at Princess Spa

Candy buffet

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