Monday, July 25, 2011

Party at Disabled Kids Center, Sg Buloh, 16 July 2011

Mrs Salina and hubby Mr Rosli were kind enough to celebrate their children, Adam and Ardini's birthdays at a Disabled Kids Centger in Sg Buloh. Here are some pics but more will come. There were around 50 special kids and 8 teachers as the ratio of teacher to special kids supposed to be 5:1. More of these jobs are welcomed :p We had a musical chair game where the teachers and parents seemed to be have had a good fun, helping the special kids play. Then Adam & Ardini sprayed the special kids with party nets and they seemed so happy. The last game Pinata was won by the biggest special kid, no wonder there. Adam & Ardini learnt the gift of sharing with the special kids. The hosts, Mrs Salina and Mr Rosli seemed satisfied and we felt content sharing the joy with the special kids. Adam & Ardini are adorable and very manja kids, it was a pleasure meeting you guys.

Our baby, Danial, seemed to enjoy performing his dance in front of the special kids. Waiting for more pics from Salina as we didn't have time to take photos. Peace!

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